Final Words #

I’m happy to say that there is a lot more content about calling and conducting than I could possibly write for Calling It Round. One of the biggest joys of ringing, for me, is the possibility of constant growth and learning; and there’s so much more to learn about conducting than the meagre amount I’ve managed to set down here. My hope is that this site was helpful in giving you grounding in some basics, giving you context for some common conventions, and giving you a reason to go practice!

Sources #

I have tried to acknowledge my sources in the text itself; and in all cases, the source of the image is linked if you click on the image (unless it was a Bryn original!). However, I just want to make special mention of those websites that I used throughout, namely:

I would like to thank their creators for their hard work and encourage readers to visit.

Special Thanks #

Special thanks are due to the people who helped bring this to life: Simon Linford, David Smith, and Leland Kusmer. They provided invaluable feedback and editing advice throughout the process.